About Me

I love animals, and have had pets all my life – dogs, cats, chickens, hamsters, fish, the list goes on! I set up my own pet business in 2021 to start doing what I love best – spending time with animals. Whether this is curled up inside stroking cats, or walking dogs in our amazing local countryside, I love every minute of my job.  

My dog is a beautiful Jack Russell Terrier called Penny. She came to us aged 8 when her previous owners had a change of circumstance and made the difficult decision to do what was right for Penny and find her a new home. She is a wonderful, vibrant soul, a typical terrier. Her favourite word is “Training”, as she loves to play games, and solve puzzles to get treats.

In my previous job, I helped run a non-profit organisation for home educated children, many of whom were neurodiverse. This experience taught me the value of flexible thinking, and that the old ways are not always the best ways. Through my training as a Forest School Leader, I also saw first hand the benefits of learning through play (it’s fun, and the learning sticks much better).

Before this, I began my working career as a business bank manager. I loved meeting people who had started their own business based on a personal passion. I am grateful for the foundations that this career taught me about running a small business, and am delighted to have joined all the other SME owners making a living from their passion.

Picture of Heather sitting in autumn leaves with Penny, her jack russell next to her.